ftisp - A USB-to-ISP Programmer Utility

Written by Pascal Stang | Updated: Monday October 20, 2008

What is 'ftisp':

Ftisp is command-line utility program that allows direct ISP programming of AVR processors via a USB connection. No bootloader needed!
Ftisp uses the fast synchronous bit-bang features found in the FT2232 and FT232R USB interface chips from FTDI (www.ftidchip.com).


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    MacOS X
    Current Release:

    ftisp v2:

    Old versions:


    ftisp v1:

    Ftisp v1 is the original version which allows chip erase, flash read/write, eeprom read/write.
    Ftisp v2 has added features including multiple-command support, verify commands, fuse bit and lock bit read/write.
    Note: ftispv2 uses a different command-line syntax. Run ftispv2 to see command help.

How to Install:

To install and use ftisp:
  1. Download ftisp for your platform
  2. Install FTDI USB driver
  3. Connect any cabling or set any configuration jumpers required by your hardware (see Supported Hardware)
  4. Connect your supported hardware to your PC with a USB cable (ftisp works only via USB)
  5. Open a command prompt and run ftisp. Command line syntax will be printed.

How to Use:

To see ftisp instructions and usage, download ftisp and run it from a command prompt with no arguments.

Supported Hardware:


Written by Pascal Stang | Updated: Monday October 20, 2008