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enc28j60.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file enc28j60.c.

#include "avr/io.h"
#include "global.h"
#include "timer.h"
#include "rprintf.h"
#include "enc28j60.h"
#include "enc28j60conf.h"

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void nicInit (void)
void nicSend (unsigned int len, unsigned char *packet)
unsigned int nicPoll (unsigned int maxlen, unsigned char *packet)
void nicGetMacAddress (u08 *macaddr)
void nicSetMacAddress (u08 *macaddr)
void nicRegDump (void)
u08 enc28j60ReadOp (u08 op, u08 address)
 do a ENC28J60 read operation
void enc28j60WriteOp (u08 op, u08 address, u08 data)
 do a ENC28J60 write operation
void enc28j60ReadBuffer (u16 len, u08 *data)
 read the packet buffer memory
void enc28j60WriteBuffer (u16 len, u08 *data)
 write the packet buffer memory
void enc28j60SetBank (u08 address)
 set the register bank for register at address
u08 enc28j60Read (u08 address)
 read ax88796 register
void enc28j60Write (u08 address, u08 data)
 write ax88796 register
u16 enc28j60PhyRead (u08 address)
 read a PHY register
void enc28j60PhyWrite (u08 address, u16 data)
 write a PHY register
void enc28j60Init (void)
 initialize the ethernet interface for transmit/receive
void enc28j60PacketSend (unsigned int len, unsigned char *packet)
unsigned int enc28j60PacketReceive (unsigned int maxlen, unsigned char *packet)
void enc28j60ReceiveOverflowRecover (void)
void enc28j60RegDump (void)
 formatted print of important ENC28J60 registers


u08 Enc28j60Bank
u16 NextPacketPtr

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