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Procyon AVRlib

Version 20061029

C-Language Function Library for Atmel AVR Processors - Written by Pascal Stang
(Content supplied by other authors where noted)

Procyon AVRlib [1] is a library of easy-to-use C functions for a variety of common and uncommon tasks using AVR processors. The goal of AVRlib is to allow programmers to work quickly towards their end goal by reducing the time needed to write basic support functions and code. Most AVRlib header (*.h) files have lengthy descriptions of how to use the supplied library functions. All code (*.c) files are heavily commented with additional information.

Documentation is still being improved and refined on many libraries. When getting familiar with a library, look first in this help document and at any example code that is available in the avrlib/examples directory. Then look inside the [libname].h and [libname]conf.h files, and then the [libname].c file for more details and documentation.

Significant example code is included with AVRlib and can be found in the avrlib/examples directory. The example code is organized as a set of demo applications each of which strives to illustrate how to use a certain AVRlib function library. Effort is made to keep the example code heavily (and thoughtfully) commented.

The latest version of Procyon AVRlib (including this documentation) is available from

Additional Pages:

AVRlib Sub-Libraries

The following is a list of sub-libraries in AVRlib.

General Use:

AVR Built-In Peripheral Support

Device Drivers for External Hardware:

AVR Software-Emulated Devices and Interfaces

Network Support

[1] The name "AVRlib" bears an unfortunate resemblance to "AVR libc" even though the two libraries are different and should not be confused. AVR libc is the Standard C Library for AVR-Series Processors and provides functions we typically think of as being standard C like printf, stdio calls, math functions, plus some AVR-specific functions. Procyon AVRlib provides additional higher-level functions designed to help designers accomplish typical embedded systems tasks.

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