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Software Interrupt-driven UART Driver (uartsw2.c)
[Drivers (software-based)]

 #include "uartsw2.h" 
This uart library emulates the operation of a UART (serial port) using the AVR's hardware timers, I/O pins, and some software.
Specifically, this code uses: -Timer 2 Output Capture for transmit timing -Timer 0 Output Capture for receive timing -External Interrupt 2 for receive triggering

The above resources cannot be used for other purposes while this software UART is enabled. The overflow interrupts from Timer0 and Timer2 can still be used for other timing, but the prescalers for these timers must not be changed.

Serial output from this UART can be routed to any I/O pin. Serial input for this UART must come from the External Interrupt 2 (INT2) I/O pin. These options should be configured by editing your local copy of "uartsw2conf.h".

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