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rprintf.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file rprintf.h.

#include <avr/pgmspace.h>

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#define STRING_IN_RAM   0
#define STRING_IN_ROM   1
#define rprintfProgStrM(string)   (rprintfProgStr(PSTR(string)))
#define rprintf1(format, args...)   rprintf1RamRom(STRING_IN_ROM, PSTR(format), ## args)
#define rprintf1RAM(format, args...)   rprintf1RamRom(STRING_IN_RAM, format, ## args)
#define rprintf(format, args...)   rprintf1RamRom(STRING_IN_ROM, PSTR(format), ## args)


void rprintfInit (void(*putchar_func)(unsigned char c))
void rprintfChar (unsigned char c)
 prints a single character to the current output device
void rprintfStr (char str[])
 prints a null-terminated string stored in RAM
void rprintfStrLen (char str[], unsigned int start, unsigned int len)
void rprintfProgStr (const prog_char str[])
void rprintfCRLF (void)
void rprintfu04 (unsigned char data)
 Print 4-bit hex number. Outputs a single hex character.
void rprintfu08 (unsigned char data)
 Print 8-bit hex number. Outputs two hex characters.
void rprintfu16 (unsigned short data)
 Print 16-bit hex number. Outputs four hex characters.
void rprintfu32 (unsigned long data)
 Print 32-bit hex number. Outputs eight hex characters.
void rprintfNum (char base, char numDigits, char isSigned, char padchar, long n)
int rprintf1RamRom (unsigned char stringInRom, const char *format,...)

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