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rtl8019.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file rtl8019.c.

#include "global.h"
#include "timer.h"
#include "rprintf.h"
#include "rtl8019.h"
#include "rtl8019conf.h"

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void nicInit (void)
void nicSend (unsigned int len, unsigned char *packet)
unsigned int nicPoll (unsigned int maxlen, unsigned char *packet)
void nicGetMacAddress (u08 *macaddr)
void nicSetMacAddress (u08 *macaddr)
void nicRegDump (void)
void rtl8019SetupPorts (void)
void rtl8019Write (u08 address, u08 data)
u08 ax88796Read (u08 address)
void rtl8019Init (void)
void rtl8019BeginPacketSend (unsigned int packetLength)
void rtl8019SendPacketData (unsigned char *localBuffer, unsigned int length)
void rtl8019EndPacketSend (void)
unsigned int rtl8019BeginPacketRetreive (void)
void rtl8019RetreivePacketData (unsigned char *localBuffer, unsigned int length)
void rtl8019EndPacketRetreive (void)
void rtl8019ProcessInterrupt (void)
void rtl8019ReceiveOverflowRecover (void)
void rtl8019RegDump (void)

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