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stxetx.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file stxetx.c.

#include "global.h"
#include "stxetx.h"

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void stxetxInit (void(*dataout_func)(unsigned char data))
 Initialize STX/ETX packet protocol library.
void stxetxSend (unsigned char status, unsigned char type, unsigned char datalength, unsigned char *dataptr)
 Send/Create STX/ETX packet.
unsigned char stxetxProcess (cBuffer *rxBuffer)
 Process a buffer containing STX/ETX packets.
unsigned char stxetxGetRxPacketStatus (void)
 Returns the received packet's status.
unsigned char stxetxGetRxPacketType (void)
 Returns the received packet's type.
unsigned char stxetxGetRxPacketDatalength (void)
 Returns the received packet's datalength.
unsigned char * stxetxGetRxPacketData (void)
 Returns pointer to the received packet's data.


unsigned char stxetxRxPacket [STXETX_MAXRXPACKETSIZE]

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