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a2d.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file a2d.c.

#include <avr/io.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include "global.h"
#include "a2d.h"

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void a2dInit (void)
void a2dOff (void)
 Turn off A/D converter.
void a2dSetPrescaler (unsigned char prescale)
void a2dSetReference (unsigned char ref)
void a2dSetChannel (unsigned char ch)
 sets the a2d input channel
void a2dStartConvert (void)
 start a conversion on the current a2d input channel
u08 a2dIsComplete (void)
 return TRUE if conversion is complete
unsigned short a2dConvert10bit (unsigned char ch)
unsigned char a2dConvert8bit (unsigned char ch)
 Interrupt handler for ADC complete interrupt.


volatile unsigned char a2dCompleteFlag

Variable Documentation

volatile unsigned char a2dCompleteFlag

Software flag used to indicate when the a2d conversion is complete.

Definition at line 28 of file a2d.c.

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