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ds1631.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file ds1631.h.

#include "global.h"

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#define DS1631_I2C_ADDR   0x90
 Base I2C address of DS1631 devices.
#define DS1631_CMD_STARTCONV   0x51
 DS1631 Start conversion command byte.
#define DS1631_CMD_STOPCONV   0x22
 DS1631 Stop conversion command byte.
#define DS1631_CMD_READTEMP   0xAA
 DS1631 Read Temperature command byte.
#define DS1631_CMD_ACCESSTH   0xA1
 DS1631 TH read/write command byte.
#define DS1631_CMD_ACCESSTL   0xA2
 DS1631 TL read/write command byte.
#define DS1631_CMD_ACCESSCONFIG   0xAC
 DS1631 Config read/write command byte.
#define DS1631_CMD_SWPOR   0x54
 DS1631 Software Reset command byte.
#define DS1631_CONFIG_1SHOT   0x01
#define DS1631_CONFIG_POL   0x02
#define DS1631_CONFIG_R0   0x04
#define DS1631_CONFIG_R1   0x08
#define DS1631_CONFIG_NVB   0x10
#define DS1631_CONFIG_TLF   0x20
#define DS1631_CONFIG_THF   0x40
#define DS1631_CONFIG_DONE   0x80


u08 ds1631Init (u08 i2cAddr)
 Initialize the DS1631 chip.
u08 ds1631Reset (u08 i2cAddr)
 Reset the DS1631 chip to its power-on defaults.
void ds1631SetConfig (u08 i2cAddr, u08 config)
 Set the configuration byte of the DS1631.
u08 ds1631GetConfig (u08 i2cAddr)
 Get the configuration byte of the DS1631.
void ds1631StartConvert (u08 i2cAddr)
 Start a temperature conversion.
void ds1631StopConvert (u08 i2cAddr)
 Stop a temperature conversion (or stop continuous conversion mode).
s16 ds1631ReadTemp (u08 i2cAddr)
 Read the result of a temperature conversion.
void ds1631SetTH (u08 i2cAddr, s16 value)
 Set the Temp-High threshold.
void ds1631SetTL (u08 i2cAddr, s16 value)
 Set the Temp-Low threshold.
s16 ds1631GetTH (u08 i2cAddr)
 Get the Temp-High threshold.
s16 ds1631GetTL (u08 i2cAddr)
 Get the Temp-Low threshold.
void ds1631WriteTempReg (u08 i2cAddr, u08 cmd, s16 value)
s16 ds1631ReadTempReg (u08 i2cAddr, u08 cmd)

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