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Drivers (for external hardware)

Detailed Description

Drivers for External Hardware.


 TI ADS7828 I2C A/D Converter Driver (ads7828.c)
 TI ADS7870 SPI A/D Converter Driver (ads7870.c)
 IDE/ATA Interface Driver (ata.c)
 Dallas DS1631 Temperature Sensor Driver (ds1631.c)
 Quadrature Encoder Driver (encoder.c)
 Graphic LCD API (application programmer's interface) (glcd.c)
 GPS Positioning and Navigation Function Library (gps.c)
 Interface for standard I2C EEPROM memories (i2ceeprom.c)
 Graphic LCD Driver for HD61202/KS0108-based Displays (ks0108.c)
 Character LCD Driver for HD44780/SED1278-based displays (lcd.c)
 ST LIS3L02 3-axis I2C Accelerometer Library (lis3l02.c)
 MultiMedia and SD Flash Card Interface (mmc.c)
 NMEA Packet Interface for GPS Receivers (nmea.c)
 Interface for standard SPI EEPROM memories (spieeprom.c)
 Spyglass Control Panel UI Board Driver (spyglass.c)
 ST STA013 MP3 Player Driver (sta013.c)
 TSIP Packet Interface for Trimble GPS Receivers (tsip.c)

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