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Graphic LCD Driver for HD61202/KS0108-based Displays (ks0108.c)
[Drivers (for external hardware)]

 #include "ks0108.h" 
This display driver performs the basic functions necessary to access any graphic LCD based on the KS0108 or HD61202 controller chip.  For more advanced functions, use this driver in conjunction with glcd.c.  KS0108/HD61202 displays typically range in size from 64x32 pixels to 128x128 pixels and up to 3" square.  To determine whether a display is compatible, you should look for the above controller chips to be mounted on the PC board attached to the display glass.  The controller chips are about 1/2" x 3/4" and have 80+ pins. On larger displays, you may also see slave LCD driver chips with the numbers KS0107 or HD61203.  The display will likely have an 18 or 20-pin interface.  The interface from the LCD to an AVR processor does not require any additional hardware.  If you can locate a datasheet for your display, that plus the information in the ks0108conf.h file should be all you need to get hooked up.

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