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ICMP Protocol Library (icmp.c)
[Network Library]

Detailed Description

 #include "net/icmp.h" 
ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) has many functions on the internet, including the handling of ECHO (ping) requests, relaying network route status, passing connection status messages, etc.
This library currently handles only ICMP ECHO requests (ping), but may be expanded to include other useful ICMP operations as needed.


void icmpInit (void)
 Initialize ICMP protocol library.
void icmpIpIn (icmpip_hdr *packet)
 Incoming IP packets of protocol ICMP should be passed to this function.
void icmpEchoRequest (icmpip_hdr *packet)
 Forms and sends a reply in response to an ICMP ECHO request.
void icmpPrintHeader (icmpip_hdr *packet)
 Print ICMP packet information.

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