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Timer PWM Commands
[Timer Function Library (timer.c)Timer Function Library for ATmegaXX8 (timerx8.c)]

Detailed Description

These commands control PWM functionality on timer1


void timer1PWMInit (u08 bitRes)
void timer1PWMInitICR (u16 topcount)
void timer1PWMOff (void)
 Turn off all timer1 PWM output and set timer mode to normal.
void timer1PWMAOn (void)
 Turn on/off Timer1 PWM outputs. Turn on timer1 Channel A (OC1A) PWM output.
void timer1PWMBOn (void)
 Turn on timer1 Channel B (OC1B) PWM output.
void timer1PWMAOff (void)
 turn off timer1 Channel A (OC1A) PWM output
void timer1PWMBOff (void)
 turn off timer1 Channel B (OC1B) PWM output
void timer1PWMASet (u16 pwmDuty)
 set duty of timer1 Channel A (OC1A) PWM output
void timer1PWMBSet (u16 pwmDuty)
 set duty of timer1 Channel B (OC1B) PWM output

Function Documentation

void timer1PWMInit u08  bitRes  ) 

Enter standard PWM Mode on timer1.

bitRes indicates the period/resolution to use for PWM output in timer bits. Must be either 8, 9, or 10 bits corresponding to PWM periods of 256, 512, or 1024 timer tics.

Definition at line 277 of file timer.c.

void timer1PWMInitICR u16  topcount  ) 

Enter PWM Mode on timer1 with a specific top-count value.

topcount indicates the desired PWM period in timer tics. Can be a number between 1 and 65535 (16-bit).

Definition at line 297 of file timer128.c.

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