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lis3l02.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file lis3l02.c.

#include <avr/io.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include "global.h"
#include "i2c.h"
#include "lis3l02.h"
#include "rprintf.h"
#include "timer.h"

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u08 lis3l02Init (void)
u08 lis3l02Reset (void)
 Reset the LIS3L02 chip.
u08 lis3l02ReadReg (u08 reg)
 Read a LIS3L02 register.
u08 lis3l02WriteReg (u08 reg, u08 data)
 Write a LIS3L02 register.
s16 lis3l02GetAccel (u08 chxyz)
 Get an acceleration reading from the LIS3L02 sensor.

Function Documentation

u08 lis3l02Init void   ) 

Initialize the LIS3L02 chip. returns: 0 if successful, non-zero if unsuccessful (chip not present).

Definition at line 35 of file lis3l02.c.

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