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spieeprom.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file spieeprom.h.

#include "global.h"

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#define SPIEEPROM_CMD_READ   0x03
 Read byte(s).
#define SPIEEPROM_CMD_WRITE   0x02
 Write byte(s).
#define SPIEEPROM_CMD_WREN   0x06
 Write Enable.
#define SPIEEPROM_CMD_WRDI   0x04
 Write Disable.
#define SPIEEPROM_CMD_RDSR   0x05
 Read Status Register.
#define SPIEEPROM_CMD_WRSR   0x01
 Write Status Register.
 Write in progress.
 Write enable.
#define SPIEEPROM_STATUS_BP0   0x01
 Block Proection 0.
#define SPIEEPROM_STATUS_BP1   0x01
 Block Proection 1.
 Write Protect Enable.


void spieepromInit (void)
 Initialize SPI EEPROM interface.
u08 spieepromReadByte (u32 memAddr)
 In the SPI EEPROM read a byte from memory location [memAddr].
void spieepromWriteByte (u32 memAddr, u08 data)
 In the SPI EEPROM write a byte [data] to the memory location [memAddr].
void spieepromWriteEnable (void)
void spieepromWriteDisable (void)
u08 spieepromReadStatus (void)

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