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netBootpHeader Struct Reference
[DHCP Protocol Library (dhcp.c)]

#include <dhcp.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t op
 Message op-code / message type.
uint8_t htype
 Hardware address type (Ethernet=1).
uint8_t hlen
 Hardware address length (Ethernet=6 byte MAC addr).
uint8_t hops
 hop count (client set to zero)
uint32_t xid
 Transaction ID (randomly chosen by client, must remain same).
uint16_t secs
 Seconds elapsed since DHCP negotiation began (filled by client).
uint16_t flags
uint32_t ciaddr
 Client IP address (filled only if already bound, renewing, or rebinding).
uint32_t yiaddr
 'Your' IP address (client)
uint32_t siaddr
 Server IP address.
uint32_t giaddr
 Gateway IP address.
uint8_t chaddr [16]
 Client Hardware Address.
uint8_t sname [64]
 Server Host Name.
uint8_t file [128]
 Boot file name (null-term string).

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