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timer.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file timer.h.

#include "global.h"

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#define PWM10   WGM10
#define PWM11   WGM11
#define TIMER_CLK_STOP   0x00
 Timer Stopped.
#define TIMER_CLK_DIV1   0x01
 Timer clocked at F_CPU.
#define TIMER_CLK_DIV8   0x02
 Timer clocked at F_CPU/8.
#define TIMER_CLK_DIV64   0x03
 Timer clocked at F_CPU/64.
#define TIMER_CLK_DIV256   0x04
 Timer clocked at F_CPU/256.
#define TIMER_CLK_DIV1024   0x05
 Timer clocked at F_CPU/1024.
#define TIMER_CLK_T_FALL   0x06
 Timer clocked at T falling edge.
#define TIMER_CLK_T_RISE   0x07
 Timer clocked at T rising edge.
#define TIMER_PRESCALE_MASK   0x07
 Timer Prescaler Bit-Mask.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_STOP   0x00
 RTC Timer Stopped.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_DIV1   0x01
 RTC Timer clocked at F_CPU.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_DIV8   0x02
 RTC Timer clocked at F_CPU/8.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_DIV32   0x03
 RTC Timer clocked at F_CPU/32.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_DIV64   0x04
 RTC Timer clocked at F_CPU/64.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_DIV128   0x05
 RTC Timer clocked at F_CPU/128.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_DIV256   0x06
 RTC Timer clocked at F_CPU/256.
#define TIMERRTC_CLK_DIV1024   0x07
 RTC Timer clocked at F_CPU/1024.
 RTC Timer Prescaler Bit-Mask.
 timer 0 prescaler default
 timer 1 prescaler default
 timer 2 prescaler default
#define delay   delay_us
#define delay_ms   timerPause


void delay_us (unsigned short time_us)
void timerInit (void)
 initializes timing system (all timers)
void timer0Init (void)
 initialize timer0
void timer1Init (void)
 initialize timer1
void timer0SetPrescaler (u08 prescale)
 set timer0 prescaler
u16 timer0GetPrescaler (void)
 get timer0 prescaler
void timer1SetPrescaler (u08 prescale)
 set timer1 prescaler
u16 timer1GetPrescaler (void)
 get timer0 prescaler
void timerAttach (u08 interruptNum, void(*userFunc)(void))
 Attach a user function to a timer interrupt.
void timerDetach (u08 interruptNum)
 Detach a user function from a timer interrupt.
void timerPause (unsigned short pause_ms)
void timer0ClearOverflowCount (void)
 Clear timer0's overflow counter.
long timer0GetOverflowCount (void)
 read timer0's overflow counter
void timer1PWMInit (u08 bitRes)
void timer1PWMInitICR (u16 topcount)
void timer1PWMOff (void)
 Turn off all timer1 PWM output and set timer mode to normal.
void timer1PWMAOn (void)
 Turn on/off Timer1 PWM outputs. Turn on timer1 Channel A (OC1A) PWM output.
void timer1PWMBOn (void)
 Turn on timer1 Channel B (OC1B) PWM output.
void timer1PWMAOff (void)
 turn off timer1 Channel A (OC1A) PWM output
void timer1PWMBOff (void)
 turn off timer1 Channel B (OC1B) PWM output
void timer1PWMASet (u16 pwmDuty)
 set duty of timer1 Channel A (OC1A) PWM output
void timer1PWMBSet (u16 pwmDuty)
 set duty of timer1 Channel B (OC1B) PWM output

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