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uart2.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file uart2.h.

#include "global.h"
#include "buffer.h"

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#define UART0_DEFAULT_BAUD_RATE   9600
 default baud rate for UART0
#define UART1_DEFAULT_BAUD_RATE   9600
 default baud rate for UART1
#define UART0_TX_BUFFER_SIZE   0x0010
 number of bytes for uart0 transmit buffer
#define UART0_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   0x0080
 number of bytes for uart0 receive buffer
#define UART1_TX_BUFFER_SIZE   0x0010
 number of bytes for uart1 transmit buffer
#define UART1_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   0x0080
 number of bytes for uart1 receive buffer
#define RXCIE   RXCIE0
#define TXCIE   TXCIE0
#define UDRIE   UDRIE0
#define RXEN   RXEN0
#define TXEN   TXEN0
#define CHR9   CHR90
#define RXB8   RXB80
#define TXB8   TXB80
#define UBRR0L   UBRR0
#define UBRR1L   UBRR1


void uartInit (void)
void uart0Init (void)
 Initializes UART0 only.
void uart1Init (void)
 Initializes UART1 only.
void uart0InitBuffers (void)
void uart1InitBuffers (void)
void uartSetRxHandler (u08 nUart, void(*rx_func)(unsigned char c))
void uartSetBaudRate (u08 nUart, u32 baudrate)
cBufferuartGetRxBuffer (u08 nUart)
cBufferuartGetTxBuffer (u08 nUart)
void uartSendByte (u08 nUart, u08 data)
void uart0SendByte (u08 data)
void uart1SendByte (u08 data)
int uart0GetByte (void)
int uart1GetByte (void)
u08 uartReceiveByte (u08 nUart, u08 *data)
u08 uartReceiveBufferIsEmpty (u08 nUart)
void uartFlushReceiveBuffer (u08 nUart)
void uartAddToTxBuffer (u08 nUart, u08 data)
void uart0AddToTxBuffer (u08 data)
void uart1AddToTxBuffer (u08 data)
void uartSendTxBuffer (u08 nUart)
u08 uartSendBuffer (u08 nUart, char *buffer, u16 nBytes)
void uartTransmitService (u08 nUart)
 interrupt service handlers
void uartReceiveService (u08 nUart)

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