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xmodem.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition in file xmodem.h.

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#define SOH   0x01
#define STX   0x02
#define EOT   0x04
#define ACK   0x06
#define NAK   0x15
#define CAN   0x18
#define CTRLZ   0x1A


void xmodemInit (void(*sendbyte_func)(unsigned char c), int(*getbyte_func)(void))
 initialize xmodem stream I/O routines
long xmodemReceive (int(*write)(unsigned char *buffer, int size))
 xmodem receive
long xmodemTransmit (int(*read)(unsigned char *buffer, int size))
 xmodem transmit
int xmodemCrcCheck (int crcflag, const unsigned char *buffer, int size)
 xmodem CRC/checksum error checking
int xmodemInTime (unsigned short timeout)
 get incoming character (wait for timeout)
void xmodemInFlush (void)
 flush incoming character stream

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