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XModem Transmit/Receive Implementation with CRC and 1K support (xmodem.c)
[General Libraries]

Detailed Description

 #include "xmodem.h" 
This XModem implementation supports both 128b and 1K packets with or without CRC checking. The xmodem library must be initialized to use a particular I/O stream by passing appropriate getbyte() and sendbyte() functions to xmodemInit(). The xmodem transfer routines also expect function pointers to read and write data blocks on the local system. While this use of function pointers increases code size, it has great adaptability. The generalized read/write data functions mean that it is easy to pipe data to/from any storage device like EEPROMs or flash cards, rather than being limited to just processor RAM.


#define SOH   0x01
#define STX   0x02
#define EOT   0x04
#define ACK   0x06
#define NAK   0x15
#define CAN   0x18
#define CTRLZ   0x1A


void xmodemInit (void(*sendbyte_func)(unsigned char c), int(*getbyte_func)(void))
 initialize xmodem stream I/O routines
long xmodemReceive (int(*write)(unsigned char *buffer, int size))
 xmodem receive
long xmodemTransmit (int(*read)(unsigned char *buffer, int size))
 xmodem transmit
int xmodemCrcCheck (int crcflag, const unsigned char *buffer, int size)
 xmodem CRC/checksum error checking
int xmodemInTime (unsigned short timeout)
 get incoming character (wait for timeout)
void xmodemInFlush (void)
 flush incoming character stream

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